Self-Management Tool Kits - Frequently Ask Questions

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Frequently asked questions about Self-Management Tool Kits for the Chronic Disease, Diabetes, Pain, and Cancer


Q: What is a Tool Kit?

A: Tool kits can be used by individuals or in conjunction with Self-Management Resource Center programs that are supplemented with small group (3-5 people) in six weekly phone calls. 

The mailed Chronic Diesease Self-Management Tool Kit has been approved by the Administration of Community Living as an Evidence-Based Program. The other tools kits were created as a response to the pandemic and are currently under study.

If you are an organization wishing to use the Toolkits as part of a Self-Management Resource Center Program and have questions write


Q: What is in a Tool Kit? 

A: Learn more about the parts of the Self Management Tool Kits

Q: Are the Tool Kits available in different languages? 

A: The Chronic Disease Self-Management Tool Kit is available in Spanish.

The Diabetes Self-Management Tool Kit is also available in Spanish.

Q: Can you ship a kit to an individual participant? 

A: We can ship everything directly to you or your organization via FedEx Ground. 
Or, we can ship complete kits to individual participants. If this is what you require, email us a spreadsheet with names and address. We will send them via US media mail to be delivered in 7-10 business days. Please download our spreadsheet to ensure the names are in a format we can use. 

Unfortunately costs prohibit us shipping to individual participants in Canada.

Q: I already ordered books, can I order materials separately to create tool kits? 

A: If your organization has a supply of some materials, such as books or relaxation CDs, you can purchase the remaining products using this form -

Q: Are these Tool Kits appropriate for the Diabetes or Pain Self-Management course? 

A: The Tool Kit specifically designed for the Diabetes Self-Management course is now available.

The Tool Kit for the Pain Self-Management course is available.

The new Thriving and Surviving with Cancer Self-Management Program is available on February 14, 2023.

Q: Some participants don't have CD players? 

A: If you are interested in digital (MP3) options for books and CDs, please email with your questions.