Allison R. Webel RN, Kate Lorig, DrPH, Diana Laurent, MPH, Virginia González, MPH, Allen L. Gifford, MD, David Sobel, MD, MPH, Marian Minor, PT, PhD

Allison R. Webel RN, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University

Kate Lorig, DrPH, is director and professor emerita at Stanford University School of Medicine’s Patient Education Research Center

Diana Laurent, MPH, is a health educator and trainer at Stanford Patient Education Research Center

Virginia González, MPH, is a health educator and consultant to Stanford Patient Education Research Center

Allen L. Gifford, MD, is Professor of Public Health and Medicine at Boston University, acting director of the Department of Veteran Affairs Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research

David Sobel, MD, MPH, was director of patient education and health promotion, Kaiser Permanente Northern California and is now consulting professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Marian Minor, PT, PhD, is professor emerita at the University of Missouri, Department of Physical Therapy