The Last Things We Talk About -- Our author Dr. Boatwright is a guest on The Financially Mindful Podcast

The Last Things We Talk About -- Our author Dr. Boatwright is a guest on The Financially Mindful Podcast

We are excited to be publishing The Last Things We Talk About by Elizabeth Boatwright, DMin, BCC-PCHAC, CFP®. 


book coverThe book will be available on April 6, 2021. 

The Last Things We Talk About gives readers and their loved ones the opportunity as death approaches to affirm, celebrate, and remember the people and experiences they cherish in life.

The author guides readers step-by-step through the process of making aging and death-related decisions. This includes defining personal values and wishes as well as planning for practical medical, financial, and legal considerations.

This book will help readers:

- Identify the people, experiences, and things that are important to them and help define and celebrate what gives life meaning and purpose

- Discover and define their goals and wishes regarding transitions, support, and the legacy they wish to leave behind

- Understand important topics such as legal, financial, and medical documents, the continuum of care, and end-of-life decisions

- Find professionals to help them put together inventories for financial, legal, and practical matters

- Explore options and plan for culturally and spiritually sensitive end-of-life rituals and celebrations

- Learn what needs to be done after death and how survivors can begin to piece their lives back together


Dr. Boatwright was recently a guest on the Financially Mindful Podcast. It's available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


The Financially Mindful Podcast - Episode Description

In this episode of The Financially Mindful Podcast, Reverend Libby Boatwright, Palliative and Outpatient Chaplain for Stanford Health Care and author of The Last Things We Talk About, shares her wealth of experience in end of life and legacy planning, touching on advanced directives, inventories, and legacy conversations. What is end of life planning? Where do I start? How can I help my family prepare financially for end of life?

These questions and more are answered in this episode of The Financially Mindful Podcast.

Dan is Founder and CEO of CanopyLife, a platform committed to building families’ financial resilience to deal with major life events. Dan founded CanopyLife after experiencing the financial and emotional cost of losing his dad to cancer, and wanting to help families avoid the same pitfalls. A Kellogg School of Management grad, Dan previously led new product development at Capital One and has nearly a decade of experience working in product development at startups focused on consumer, fintech and insurtech. In a prior life, Dan was a consultant at BCG and worked in Equities for Goldman Sachs and ABNAMRO.

Jim Grace is the Director of Wealth Management at Silver Pine Capital in Medfield, Massachusetts. ​Jim has more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, leading Silver Pine’s financial planning and broader wealth management service offering. He has worked for MetLife and has managed for First Niagara (LPL Financial) and United Northeast Financial Advisors (Infinex Investments). He is father to two children.

About our Guest: Rev. Libby Boatwright is Chaplain for Outpatient Oncology Palliative Medicine for Stanford Health Care in Palo Alto, California. With a financial planning certification, Dr. Boatwright desires to be a catalyst for fiscally responsible and sustainable change in care systems involving community, medical, and spiritual centers. She is the author of The Last Things We Talk About: Your Guide to End of Life Transitions, an upcoming book about figuring out what brings you meaning and purpose and how to plot a fiscally feasible path to get there.

Insight from this episode:Dr. Boatwright’s expert advice and recommendations for end of life planning, from the legal and practical to emotional and spiritual. Strategies to starting the end of life planning conversation with loved ones and deciding on the most appropriate plan.How to “have your house in order” and prepare for end of life and legacy planning before it is too late. Details on what needs to be taken care of first in the case of an unexpected medical event.

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