The Last Things We Talk About

Your Guide to End of Life Transitions
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The Last Things We Talk About gives readers and their loved ones the opportunity as death approaches to affirm, celebrate, and remember the people and experiences they cherish in life.

The author guides readers step-by-step through the process of making aging and death-related decisions. This includes defining personal values and wishes as well as planning for practical medical, financial, and legal considerations.

This book will help readers:

- Identify the people, experiences, and things that are important to them and help define and celebrate what gives life meaning and purpose

- Discover and define their goals and wishes regarding transitions, support, and the legacy they wish to leave behind

- Understand important topics such as legal, financial, and medical documents, the continuum of care, and end-of-life decisions

- Find professionals to help them put together inventories for financial, legal, and practical matters

- Explore options and plan for culturally and spiritually sensitive end-of-life rituals and celebrations

- Learn what needs to be done after death and how survivors can begin to piece their lives back together


Rave Reviews 

"Thorough and covers many details that are often overlooked . . . I strongly recommend it." 

— John "Skip" Frenzel, Agape Long Term Care, from a book review in the Society of Senior Advisors Journal


"Excellent in every way; recommended for all libraries, and readers facing end-of-life challenges." 

Deborah Bigelow, Library Journal


"Dr. Boatwright masterfully blends her knowledge and insights from decades of experience—as a pastor, a financial planner, a provider of palliative care, a daughter, sister, and mom—into a truly cogent repository of sage advice delivered with a dose of sober reality and the occasional quip or anecdote to make you smile. It was equally informative, provocative, and entertaining. I had no idea that I was so unprepared to deal with end of life transitioning. Thank you for this wake up call."

— David M. Gilfoil, Ph.D. VP, Strategic Planning & Professor of Business, DeSales University


"This book is an excellent source of information for those dealing with end of life issues. It is well organized, and practical while at the same time written with empathy and hope. This book pays attention to critical details that are often overlooked in this kind of material. Kudos to Boatwright for making the overwhelming experience for the end of life process manageable."

— Kim Engelmann, MDiv., DMin., Board Certified Chaplain SCA, Provisional Board Certified Chaplain APC


"Dr. Boatwright has written a stunning resource that will become indispensable to individuals, institutions, health-care professionals and religious bodies. In caring and artistic ways, she shows how death is not one thing, or better yet, death is one thing NOT: End of Story.”

— Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, professor, Drew University, George Fox University, Tabor College, Evangelical Seminary, and founder of The Salish Sea Press and
"A wonderful resource that every person, including professionals, should have. It is extremely comprehensive and helps us address topics and issues that we would rather put off. This step-by-step guide is comforting and provides the reader with everything we need to know and think about as we age.
The book gives us the opportunity to reflect about our life, define and clarify our personal values and wishes, evaluate and express what’s important to us as we age and guides us on how to make end-of-life decisions. These are sensitive and delicate topics to address and this book gives us the incentive to tackle these issues. 
The Last Things We Talk About is full of personal and professional anecdotes, questions to ask, legal, medical, and financial checklists and forms, ways to approach difficult conversations and much more.
Dr. Boatwright shares a wealth of knowledge and experience to help each one of us be as prepared as possible for life events that are inevitable."
— Tami Anastasia, M.A., CSA, Dementia Consultant and Educator

"This is a clear, well-written, and inclusive book about the choices we need to make pertaining to end-of-life decisions. It is direct, but sensitive. It is easy to read but also can be used for reference. I would recommend this book both for pre-planning and 'what do we do now?' situations."

— Robyn Ledwith Mar, author of Grief Recovery: A Workbook for Widows and Widowers

“End of life planning can be intimidating, unfamiliar territory. Who will take care of me? How can I make sure my children are treated fairly and equally? What information do I need to gather for my family? How can I make sure I don’t run out of money with expensive medical bills? Do I really need an expensive estate plan? In my 30 years of helping families with their financial planning, I’ve seen the challenges that individuals struggle with and too often never address fully.

The Last Things We Talk About covers all the essentials in plain and comforting language that’s perfect for beginners, yet thorough enough that professionals can enrich and deepen their understanding of this rich and multi-faceted phase of life. It takes the mystery out of end of life planning, and is fully up-to-date with the latest laws, forms, and tech tools you need to make the most of your plan.

Rev. Libby Boatwright, PhD, is uncommonly qualified to be your guide. As a Chaplain at Stanford Health Care, she has walked hundreds of families through their loved ones’ final days. Her warmth and caring shine through on every page. Reading this book will put you miles ahead of most people, and in a position to call your own shots, leaving a legacy of care, love, and meaning for your loved ones — and for you.”

— Peter W. Johnson, Jr., Wealth Management


"The Last Things We Talk About is extremely informative, but it is not dry. Libby illustrates her points with real-life examples of those who prepared well for the end of life and those who did not . . . I heartily recommend The Last Things We Talk About as both a motivating read and a valuable reference." 

— Melody  W. Miller, Author, Heritage of Hope, Finishing Life Well


"As a millennial caring for her aging parents, I really appreciate this book."

— Anastasia A, Reviewer

"Thank you Dr. Rev. Boatwright for writing such a deeply provoking, thoughtful book."

— Mary A, Librarian 

"I love how this book also talks about the importance of living life and living with no regrets because despite all you have to plan for death, it's even more important to enjoy life now."


— Meghan S, Librarian


About the Author  

Elizabeth Boatwright, DMin, BCC-PCHAC, CFP® is a Relief Chaplain in Oncology Outpatient Palliative Care Medicine at Stanford Health Care. She has over 25 years in ministry experience serving diverse cultures along with extensive work in the arts and financial planning.

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Author Elizabeth Boatwright, DMin, BCC-PCHAC, CFP®
ISBN 9781945188350
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