MP3 BULK SALES for classroom distribution

Buy Audiobooks in bulk for CDSMP participants for use on a computer or device

Do you or participants or leaders want to use an Audiobook but don't have CD drives?

We now offer cards that can be bought in bulk

When you order, you will receive cards with a unique code. Usual shipping times apply. Each participant can use one card to redeem an MP3 audiobook. 

We have cards for three of our bestselling titles! 


Our discounts for bulk purchases also apply to audiobooks.


  1. Place your order on the product page 

    Relaxation for the Mind and Body

    Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

    Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain
  2. We will send you cards, each with individual codes to redeem
  3. Participants will go to the URL on the back of the card to input their code
  4. The MP3 file can be easily downloaded and imported into iTunes or Windows Media Player
  5. Frequently Asked Questions about using the files are provided here