We sell eBooks in bulk

Did you know that we sell Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, 4th Edition eBooks in bulk quantities

To buy more than one eBook at a time for participants in the CDSMP, you can purchase eBook code cards from our website.

An eBook code card looks like this:

Each card comes with a unique access code. This code will give a participant access to download an eBook.

The participant will follow the instructions on the card to download an eBook to the device of her choice.

Supported devices include iPhone, iPad and iTouch, Android devices, desktop and laptop computers, Kindle, Kobo and other eReaders. There is technical support available by phone and email.

Good news! Our discounts for bulk purchases also apply to eBooks.

1-49 cards: 20% discount
50-199 items: 30% discount
200-499 items: 35% discount
500+ items: 40% discount

You can buy directly from our website.