Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, 5th edition

International / Foreign Language Editions

  • U.S. (5th edition)
    Available in print, eBook audio CD, MP3
    Call 1-800-676-2855 or order online
    Leader materials available from the Self-Management Resource Center:

  • Chinese edition (US 4th edition)
    The 4th edition translation is now available
    Call 1-800-676-2855 or order online

  • Chinese edition for Mainland China (US 5th edition)
    Forthcoming in 2023 from The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention 
    Now available to order online

  • Finnish edition (US 5th edition)
    Bull Publishing can also make these files available in North America 

  • French Canadian 4th edition (US 4th edition)
    Available in print, call 1-800-676-2855 or order online

  • Japanese edition (US 5th edition)
    Medical Sciences International, Ltd. 1-28-36 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
    Phone: 81-3-5804-6052 or email for details

  • Portuguese edition (US 4th edition)
    The Portuguese translation is now available
    Email Emily at for details

  • Spanish 5th edition (US 5th edition)
    Available in print and eBook
    Call 1-800-676-2855 or order online

  • UK edition (US 5th edition)
    Order online from Gazelle Book Services

Please contact Emily Sewell at with any additional questions.