Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain, 2nd Edition | Audiobook (MP3)

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About Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain, 2nd Edition 

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain has helped over 90,000 individuals manage their pain and strive to live satisfying, fulfilling lives.

In the new second edition, the authors have carefully developed and improved every chapter. Packed with useful advice, tips, strategies, and positive reinforcement, the book empowers readers to become their own informed pain self-managers. Each person with chronic pain is unique and the goal of this book is to help each person manage their lives in the way that works best for them.

The new edition includes:

* An updated and scientifically sound discussion of pain in Chapter 1 that gives readers the information they need to best manage their personal pain.

* An updated resources chapter with a useful emphasis on how to find and judge online resources.

* New more in-depth coverage of mental health issues related to pain, including depression, anger, fear, guilt, stress, and memory problems.

* An all-new chapter, Organizing and Pacing Your Life for Pain Self-Management and Safety that includes thorough, well-illustrated information on using assistive technology.

* Completely rewritten exercise chapters with clearer illustrations to help readers build their own exercise program, step-by-step. This chapter also discusses taking advantage of exercise opportunities in the community.

* An updated communication chapter to assist readers as they navigate through the health care system, featuring helpful tips on remote communication as well as in-person visits.

* Another all-new chapter, Managing Pain During Employment and Unemployment, sensitively addresses the issues connected with experiencing pain in the workplace.

* Two completely updated chapters on weight management and nutrition that discuss the relationship between pain and nutrition and reflect current government standards and the most recent research.

The Moving Easy Program audio is included with the book on CD or to stream online

Comes with a complete list of suggested further readings, useful websites, and other helpful resources organized by topic. 

More Information
Author Sandra LeFort, RN, PhD, Kate Lorig, DrPH, Diana Laurent, Virginia González, MPH, David Sobel, MD, MPH, Marian Minor, PT, PhD, Francis Keefe, PhD, Maureen Gecht-Silver, OTD, MPH, OTR/L
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Chronic Pain Self-Management: What It Is and How To Do It

Chapter 2 – Becoming an Active Self-Manager

Chapter 3 – Finding Resources

Chapter 4 – Understanding and Managing Common Symptoms and Problems

Chapter 5 – Using Your Mind to Manage Pain and Other Symptoms

Chapter 6 – Organizing and Pacing Your Life for Pain Self-Management and Safety

Chapter 7 – Exercising and Physical Activity for Every Body

Chapter 8 – Exercising to Feel Better

Chapter 9 – Healthy Eating and Pain Self-Management

Chapter 10 – Healthy Weight and Pain Self-Management

Chapter 11 – Communicating with Family, Friends, and Health Care Providers

Chapter 12 – Managing Pain During Employment and Unemployment

Chapter 13 – Enjoying Sex and Intimacy

Chapter 14 – Managing Your Treatment Decisions and Medications

Chapter 15 – Understanding Medications and Other Treatments for Chronic Pain

Chapter 16 – Managing Specific Chronic Pain Conditions: Arthritis, Neck and Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Pelvic Pain, and Neuropathic Pain Syndromes

Chapter 17 – Planning for the Future: Fears and Reality

The Moving Easy Program audio is included with the book

Format MP3