Toddler Bistro

Child-Approved Recipes and Expert Nutrition Advice for the Toddler Years
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Many parents find mealtimes with their toddlers a bit challenging.

Despite your best intentions to serve healthy and nutritious foods, you can lose steam when hours of food preparation result in your toddler either rejecting your marvelous meal or acting oblivious to your earnest efforts. If this scenario sounds familiar, never fear—this, too, shall pass.

Rest assured that just when you decide that your toddler will never eat a certain food, you will turn around to find him or her eating it, probably off someone else’s plate. Why? Because that’s just what toddlers do. So what should you do? Keep up the good work! If you keep offering healthy foods, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

The Toddler Bistro comes in to help save the day with new ideas and useful information. In The Toddler Bistro, Chef Christina Schmidt gives you all the tools you need to create kid-friendly nutritious meals.

In the same friendly, conversational tone of The Baby Bistro, Christina Scmidt’s Toddler Bistro addresses the challenges of introducing new foods and greater variety to your child. The color-coded sections make the book easy to use and a handy kitchen reference.

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More Information
Author Christina Schmidt, M.S. Nutrition
Published On Aug 31, 2009
Pages 164
Table of Contents

Starters … Toddler eating trends and tips for dealing with them

First Course … Food safety

Second Course … Family environmental health

Entrées … In the early years, from ages one to three

Á La Carte … Stand out nutrients and supplement suggestions

Extras … Taming today’s trends

Desserts … Healthy habits for life