Nutrition Periodization for Athletes, 2nd Edition

Taking Traditional Sports Nutrition to the Next Level
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New and expanded edition

The only sports nutrition book you need

Discover the ‘new school’ approach--an innovative method that allows you to enlist nutrition as your ally and discover the benefits of a year-round, periodized nutrition plan.

The ‘old school’ approach to sports nutrition--only paying attention to food the week or so before a competition--does not address the real needs of athletes.

Nutrition Periodization for Athletes shows you how to gain a competitive edge by using the newest techniques that sports science and research has to offer.

Depending on your sport, your nutrition goals may include losing or gaining weight, decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass, reducing inflammation and free radical production, or improving blood lipids. This edition provides athletes with everything they need to understand the concept and implement it during daily training.

No serious athlete can afford to overlook the research and the lessons in Nutrition Periodization for Athletes, which can lead to tangible improvement in sports like these:

    •    Weight lifting
    •    Triathlon
    •    Cycling
    •    Running
    •    Swimming
    •    Cross-country skiing
    •    Bobsled
    •    Gymnastics
    •    Figure skating
    •    Wrestling
    •    Boxing
    •    Tae Kwon Do
    •    Soccer
    •    Basketball
    •    Football
    •    Golf
    •    Baseball
    •    Volleyball
    •    Hockey
    •    Biathlon
    •    Rowing
    •    Track and field

More Information
Author Bob Seebohar, M.S., R.D., C.S.C.S.
Published On Mar 31, 2011
Pages 304
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Energy Systems and Physical Periodization
Chapter 2 - Nutrients for Life
Chapter 3 - Nutrition Periodization
Chapter 4 - Successful Weight Management
Chapter 5 - Nutrition Supplementation
Chapter 6 - Special Considerations for the Endurance Athlete