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Lifetime Skills for Healthy Weight and Lifestyle
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Winner of the American Medical Writers Association Award

In one book, here are all of the tools that anyone can use to adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage body weight. Using self-tests, checklists, and fill-in forms, Maximize Your Body Potential shows the reader how to increase motivation, how to set realistic goals, and how to design an individualized exercise and eating program.

Maximize Your Body Potential goes beyond diet and exercise to address behavior patterns and the psychological components that all have a role to play in success that can lead to long-term weight management and a healthy lifestyle.

Features include:

- The latest nutrition information and guidelines for adopting healthy eating patterns
- Cognitive-Behavior change techniques for improving eating and exercise habits
- Positive self-talk and thinking skills for achieving success
- Coping skills for managing stress and overcoming emotional and binge eating
- Grounded in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines
- Using mindfulness for making healthy choices
- Three healthy eating patterns


About the Author

Dr. Joyce D. Nash took her first Ph.D. in Communication in 1976 from Stanford University, where she also completed a two-year post-doc in nutrition with the Stanford School of Medicine. In 1993 she also took a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University. Dr. Nash is the author of several health-related books and has currently completed her first novel, Curveballs. She lives with her husband in Reno, Nevada.

More Information
Author Joyce D. Nash
Published On Oct 4, 2021
Pages 410
Table of Contents Chapter 1 Health and Lifestyle Chapter 2 Defining Overweight and Obesity Chapter 3 Chronic Disease and Weight Chapter 4 Causes of Overweight and Obesity Chapter 5 Cholesterol, Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Chapter 6 Getting and Staying Motivated Chapter 7 Changing Behavior Chapter 8 Healthy Eating Patterns Chapter 9 Nutrition and Weight Management Chapter 10 Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle Chapter 11 Managing Thinking and Self-Talk Chapter 12 Challenging Your "Inner Voices" Chapter 13 Managing Stress Chapter 14 Stopping the Binge Eating Cycle Chapter 15 Dealing with Backsliding
ISBN 9781933503202