Managing Morning Sickness

A Survival Guide for Pregnant Women
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More than half of all pregnant women experience some degree of morning sickness. This book offers women who suffer from this debilitating ailment proven remedies that really work, including diet strategies with step-by-step instructions on approaching food and nutrition.

Women reading this book will see that there are many realities to morning sickness, that they are not alone, and that they can deal with it successfully.

  • Covers all of the triggers and possible causes not just “what foods make you sick”
  • Discusses the important role smells and odors often play in morning sickness
  • Helps you consider a broader array of triggers and shows how to avoid them
  • Presents all the latest research on causes, treatments, and remedies
  • Offers the latest information on drugs and other treatments commonly used
  • Discusses the use/effectiveness of acupuncture, holistic, herbal, and homeopathic treatments
  • Offers information about how other cultures address morning sickness
  • Provides important historical perspective on the treatment of morning sickness

Managing Morning Sickness gives the tools you need to satisfy cravings, suppress nausea, and maintain good health in a realistic, doable way.

In going beyond the “crackers and jell-o” advice most commonly touted, it provides readers with new approaches and real recipes. It features a diet strategy with step-by-step instructions on approaching food and nutrition—the same approach used successfully by the author with countless pregnant patients in a major medical center.

(Revised Edition of No More Morning Sickness)

More Information
Author Miriam Erick, R.D., M.S.
Published On Dec 31, 2003
Pages 412
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What Is Morning Sickness Anyway?
Chapter 2 – How Morning Sickness Affects Women and Their Families
Chapter 3 – Why Do We Get Morning Sickness?
Chapter 4 – Other Times and Other Places: Historical and Cultural Perspectives
Chapter 5 – Noses: Regular and Premium Odors and Morning Sickness
Chapter 6 – Dealing with the Triggers for Morning Sickness
Chapter 7 – A Candid Look at Feelings: Emotions and Morning Sickness
Chapter 8 – A Nutrition Primer
Chapter 9 – Managing Morning Sickness with Food
Chapter 10 – Complications of Severe and/or Extended Morning Sickness
Chapter 11 – Worst-Case Scenario: Being Hospitalized
Chapter 12 – Recipes and Menus
Chapter 13 – Alternative Therapies: Acupuncture
Chapter 14 – Alternative Remedies: Other Things Women Try
Chapter 15 – Purple Heart Motherhood
Chapter 16 – Medications