Living a Healthy Life with HIV, 4th Edition

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From the latest medical advice to practical tips for dealing with HIV-related problems – the most up-to-date and complete guide to managing life with HIV

Having HIV doesn’t mean your life is over. Far from it! We wrote this book to help people with HIV explore healthy ways to live the best life possible.

With proper diagnosis and treatment, HIV has become a chronic condition similar to diabetes or heart disease. This is a big step forward and we all celebrate this advance, but having HIV can complicate your life.

This book will help you get answers to some of your most important questions, including

  • Who do I tell I have HIV?

  • Which other diseases might I get because I have HIV?

  • What are the possible side effects of the HIV medications?

  • How do I fit the demands of my medications into my life?

  • How will having HIV affect me as I get older?

  • Is it safe for me to exercise at the same level as someone without HIV?

  • What about sex?

  • Can I have children? If I get pregnant, will my baby get HIV?

  • What kind of plans do I need to make for my future?

The book combines the latest medical advice, ideas from people living with HIV, and proven practices for self-management based on research conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine. It is completely redesigned and updated to include current care guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The practical, easy to understand content will help patients, friends, family members, and others who support anyone dealing with HIV. You will find tips, ideas, and resources about how to become an HIV self-manager. It is designed to help you learn the essential information and skills to manage your condition on a daily basis.

Living a Healthy Life with HIV will help you achieve the things you want and get pleasure from your life.


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Awarded 3rd place in the 2016 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Awards for Consumer Health!

Rave Reviews

"Living a Healthy Life with HIV...gets a permanent place of prominence on my bookshelf. If you are living with HIV, it should be on yours also."
— Hank Trout, A&U Magazine

"What continues to set this book above the fray is its emphasis on self-management, and its authors’ affirmation that a person with HIV must and can take control of his or her own illness and treatment."
— Patricia Gale, Blogcritics

"This is an essential guide that will allow long and healthy survival despite HIV; something we only imagined when this epidemic began. Highly recommended!”
— Paul Volberding, MD, UCSF Department of Medicine, Director of the UCSF AIDS Research Institute

"An excellent resource for patients as they, navigate living with HIV."
— Jason E. Farley, PhD, MPH, NP, FAAN, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

"The perspective of self-empowerment provided by this book will be helpful for people living with HIV."
— Kenneth Mayer M.D., Infectious Disease Attending and Director of HIV Prevention Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

"Everyone working in the HIV community, advocates, counselors, CBO’s (Community Based Organizations) Church outreach ministries all need this book as a reference in working with men women and children living with this virus. Also the same people need to make it available to their HIV people, not just for saving lives but to give quality of live with dignity to all those impacted by the HIV virus."
— Father Joseph I. O’Brien, O.P., Executive Director, Saint Therese Center HIV Outreach, Las Vegas NV

“A cross between a self-help motivational discourse and an easy-to-follow health manual, this book offers invaluable advice…”
— Publishers Weekly

“The focus is not on what is wrong, but on how to keep things as right as possible…”
— Library Journal

"When I was first diagnosed as having AIDS all I thought that was left for me to do, is go home and die.In discovering the book Living Well with HIV through a class offered by Stanford University I discovered there was LIFE to be had for the sharing and taking care of myself...I plan to share it with my mother and other members of my family as well!
— David, HIV+ since 2005

"This book gives you information on how to make changes to things you may want to change about yourself by using an Action Plan. It also helps you problem solve. Living a Healthy Life With HIV is helping me be a better self."
— Robert, AIDS for 20+ years

"This book has taught me that these days having HIV is similar to having any other chronic condition and with the right combination of medications and self-management tools one can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.  For me personally, this book ‘normalises’ living with HIV and it has helped me to stop worrying about the stigma associated with living with HIV and to get on with my life.

By following the advice in the book I have found that I have increased energy levels, I am getting a better nights’ sleep and feel in control of living with HIV. It has improved my confidence and self-esteem and I now have a better relationship with my doctor, putting me in control of my health."
— Richard, recently diagnosed HIV+

More Information
Author Allison R. Webel RN, Kate Lorig, DrPH, Diana Laurent, MPH, Virginia González, MPH, Allen L. Gifford, MD, David Sobel, MD, MPH, Marian Minor, PT, PhD
Published On Jan 11, 2016
Pages 362
Table of Contents

Chapter One - Overview of HIV Self-Management
Chapter Two - Becoming an HIV Self-Manager
Chapter Three - Health Problems of People with HIV
Chapter Four - Living With HIV Through a Lifespan
Chapter Five: Barriers to HIV Self-Management
Chapter Six - Working with Your Health Care Team
Chapter Seven - Making Treatment Decisions
Chapter Eight - Managing Medications for HIV
Chapter Nine - Side Effects of Medications
Chapter Ten - Evaluating Common Symptoms of HIV
Chapter Eleven - Understanding the Symptom Cycle
Chapter Twelve - Using Your Mind to Manage Symptoms
Chapter Thirteen - Physical Activity for Fun and Fitness
Chapter Fourteen - Healthy Eating
Chapter Fifteen - Eating for Specific Long-Term Conditions
Chapter Sixteen - Communicating with Family, Friends, Work Colleagues, and Health Professionals
Chapter Seventeen - Planning for the Future: Fears and Reality
Chapter Eighteen: Finding Resources