Live Young, Think Young, Be Young . . .

at Any Age
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Why do we believe that aging is the cause of most of our declining abilities, aches, pains and diagnoses as we get older?

Age and aging actually have much less to do with how you feel and function than you think. This book challenges your assumptions and beliefs about aging, and provides a fresh, new understanding of how and why we grow old.

Is there a better way to think about aging?

Yes. Live Young, Think Young, Be Young explains the three pillars that determine how fast we age:

  • Real aging, the mysterious process that no one understands
  • Disuse, both physical and mental
  • Chronic disease processes, which can begin at the earliest stages of life

Understanding these concepts will help you identify the parts of aging that you can control. The authors guide you in creating a practical, achievable plan to decelerate your own aging.

This book is about courage and resilience--the courage to change what can be changed and the resilience to accept what can’t be changed. Together, they provide a powerful plan for staying young in body, mind and spirit.

Rave Reviews

"This book is a gift for any adult of any age."
— Kate Lorig, R.N., Dr.P.H., Director and Senior Research Scientist at the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Patient Education Research Center

"A straightforward look at how our society has gotten off track in how we think about aging. This book shows us all how to manage our own aging process, which has never been more important, as the Boomer generation pushes the demand for healthcare ever higher."
— Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., Author of sixteen books on aging, including A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement and Success

"Don Vickery was a founder of the self-care movement and the co-authors have completed a fitting tribute to his brilliance and many accomplishments."
— Robert G. Harmon, MD, MPH, Director, Duval County Health Department, formerly President of the American College of Preventive Medicine and National Medical Director of UnitedHealth Group. 

More Information
Author Don Vickery, Larry Matson, Carol Vickery
Published On Sep 25, 2012
Pages 384
Table of Contents

FOREWORD: VISION  For a New Way of Thinking about Aging

PART I: WISDOM  To Know the Difference between Aging and the Aging Syndrome

Chapter 1. Speaking of Aging, Don't     
Chapter 2. Real Aging   
Chapter 3. Lifespan and Life Expectancy   
Chapter 4. Aging and Death   
Chapter 5. Aging and Disease   
Chapter 6. Aging and Evolution   
Chapter 7. Adaptation to Disuse   
Chapter 8. Calorie Restriction   

PART II: KNOWLEDGE  To Understand the Disease Processes That Make Us Old

Chapter 9. Critical Concepts
Chapter 10. The Beginning of Disease Processes
Chapter 11. Acceleration of Disease Processes
Chapter 12. Constricted Circulation
Chapter 13. Metabolic Madness
Chapter 14. Insidious Inflammation
Chapter 15. The Root Causes

PART III: COURAGE  The Personal Plan to Change What Can Be Changed
Chapter 16. Courage to Change    
Chapter 17. Building Your Personal Plan   
Chapter 18. The Foolproof Plan for Self-Managing
Chapter 19. Take Your Body for a Spin   
Chapter 20. Use Your Head    
Chapter 21. Eat Like You Know What You're Doing    
Chapter 22. Give Yourself a Break    
Chapter 23. Cop an Attitude . . . a Positive Attitude    
Chapter 24. Know Your Environment . . . and What’s Getting into Your Body   
Chapter 25. Pills and Potions    
Chapter 26. Connecting the Dots   
PART IV: RESILIENCE  To Accept What Can’t Be Changed

Chapter 27. From Acceptance to Resilience   
AFTERWORD: Serenity In Leaving This World a Little Better