Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Your Guide to Recovery
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Over twenty million adults in America suffer from either a depressive or bipolar mood disorder, but many go without treatment. In fact, a study published in 2010 in The Archives of General Psychiatry found that 49 percent of those with major depression did not receive any treatment for their condition.

And many people suffering from bipolar disorder also go without treatment or are misdiagnosed with depression.

This book aims to empower readers by providing the tools needed to negotiate the complex pathway to a full and lasting recovery from depression or bipolar disorder.

Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Your Guide to Recovery helps readers determine whether they need help. Those who are diagnosed with a mood disorder will learn how to best collaborate with their medical team.

Offering in-depth information about these two mood disorders, it draws on the latest findings from the field of neurobiology and offers extensive advice for finding help and collaborating with providers.

The book provides forms and charts to help readers determine whether or not they are suffering from a mood disorder and comprehensive information about the three main barriers to recovery:

  • Not receiving treatment
  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Receiving inadequate treatment.

In this book, information about medication and treatment is straightforward and summarized in helpful charts. Throughout the book author William Marchand’s voice comes through in a positive, stigma-free style that reassures readers that they will get better.

Rave Reviews

Featured in The Washington Post

"A welcome addition to the self-help arsenal for mood disorders…this book adopts an integrative approach that is relevant and accessible to consumers seeking answers." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

"A valuable guide for people trying to navigate their way through the complexities of the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders. His comprehensive summary will empower people to develop their own approach to healing in the midst of the challenges that these disorders present."
— Paul Thielking, MD, University of Utah

"Marchand has a particular strength for clearly reviewing the latest research findings without drifting into jargon and irrelevance, presenting instead the main findings of published studies in simple, straightforward terms and explaining what they mean to someone who has a mood disorder."
— Dawson Hedges, MD, Brigham Young University

More Information
Author William Marchand M.D.
Published On May 7, 2012
Pages 272
Table of Contents


1.   Managing Emotional Distress And Thoughts Of Self-Harm   
2.   Mood Disorders And The Diagnostic Process
3.   Do You Have A Mood Disorder?
4.   Mood Disorders: Facts And Causes   
5.   How And Where To Find Help
6.   Collaborating With Your Team   
7.   The Diagnostic Evaluation   
8.   Medication And Other Biological Treatments   
9.   Psychotherapy   
10. Complementary Approaches To Recovery   
11. Starting Treatment   
12. Special Considerations For Women   
13. Getting Well:  The Acute Phase Of Treatment   
14. Maintenance Treatment And Relapse Prevention   

Appendix A. Resources For Getting Help   
Appendix B. Useful Websites   
Appendix C. Recommended Reading

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pdf Form 1.1 Your stress and crisis management plan pdf 59.1 KB Download
pdf Form 3.1 Mood episodes section 1 and 2 pdf 86.5 KB Download
pdf Form 7.1 Diagnostic evaluation form pdf 128 KB Download
pdf Form 10.1 Social support evaluation form pdf 53.2 KB Download
pdf Form 13.1 Daily mood chart pdf 66.6 KB Download
pdf Form 13.2 Monthly mood chart pdf 76.8 KB Download
pdf Form 13.3 Adverse effect chart pdf 55.5 KB Download
pdf Form 13.4 Follow-up appointment summary pdf 48.5 KB Download
pdf Form 14.1 Relapse prevention plan pdf 73.6 KB Download