Love in the Present Tense

How to Have a High Intimacy, Low Maintenance Marriage
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Troubled marriages are all too common today.

People continue to look for answers that can fix their relationship, but they don''t find much beyond the usual fare. Drawing on a unique mix of expertise from working with employees to facilitate personal growth in the workplace in addition to couples workshops, the authors have developed a new approach that challenges common notions about what makes a good marriage work.

At its heart is an inspiring message: when partners commit to healing old wounds and strive for personal growth, they will greatly expand their capacity for intimacy.

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Author Morrie and Arleah Shechtman
Published On Nov 30, 2003
Pages 196
Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Myth: Opposites attract—a couple, in their differences, complements each other.
Reality: Great relationships require identical core values.

Chapter 2
Myth: Love will carry you through the hard times in a relationship.
Reality: It is shared values that pull you through a crisis.

Chapter 3
Myth: You need to work on your marriage if you want it to be good.
Reality: Relationships don''t have problems; people do.

Chapter 4
Myth: Selflessness and giving to others build the best relationships.
Reality: Clear limits and boundaries build mutual respect and lasting relationships.

Chapter 5
Myth: Unconditional acceptance of your partner is the foundation of a good marriage.
Reality: If you don''t make demands on your partner, you don''t really care.

Chapter 6
Myth: Frequent conflicts are a sign that a marriage is in trouble.
Reality: Your willingness to engage in conflict determines the depth and quality of your relationship.

Chapter 7
Myth: Spending lots of time together is very important.
Reality: The best relationships are low maintenance and high intimacy.

Chapter 8
Myth: Trusting your partner is essential to a good relationship.
Reality: It is trusting yourself that is essential.