Lose Weight, Live Healthy

A Complete Guide to Designing Your Own Weight Loss Program
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Lose Weight, Live Healthy is not just a diet book or another step-by-step program, but rather a guide that will help you discover what works for you and how to develop strategies for change based on your own personal values and goals.

The book incorporates the latest ideas from successful mindfulness and acceptance-based therapy approaches to weight management and health. This book will help you tailor nutrition, exercise, and stress management to uniquely meet your needs, and help you learn ways for managing emotions and thinking that can lead to achieving a richer, fuller, and more satisfying life.

Lose Weight, Live Healthy is backed by current research and is based on behavior-change principles that are proven and well established. It offers the latest information on common obstacles — how to increase your motivation; what to do to overcome binge eating; how to make the most of social support; and meeting the challenges that real change presents. Unlike other books in the field it offers clear guidance in considering bariatric surgery. Helpful tips for using smartphone technology and web-based programs are featured throughout the book.

Rave Reviews

"This is the first weight loss book I have read that isn''t filled with endless diets that are impossible to live with, calorie charts and lists of demands to eat this or that. It is more a guide to help you learn about yourself - what motivates you, what drags you down. The WHY of what we eat is as important as the WHAT."
— Janet Benzinger

"In taking a non-judgmental, one size does not fit all approach, Dr. Nash enpowers the reader to really examine what is required for success encompassing both the vital lifestyle changes and the emotional pitfalls that can derail weight loss efforts if not recognized and planned for. I especially like the many online resources and tips that are listed throughout."
— Bariatic RN

More Information
Author Joyce D. Nash, Ph.D.
Published On Mar 31, 2011
Pages 368
Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Understanding the Relationship between Weight and Health
Chapter 2. Getting and Staying Motivated
Chapter 3. Changing Behavior
Chapter 4. Eating for Health
Chapter 5. Getting Started with Exercise
Chapter 6. Managing Thinking and Self-Talk
Chapter 7. Challenging Your “Inner Voices”
Chapter 8. Addressing Stress
Chapter 9. Stopping the Binge Cycle
Chapter 10. Dealing with Backsliding
Chapter 11. Overcoming Challenges to Change
Chapter 12. Considering Weight Loss Surgery
A Message to Health Care Professionals
Appendix A:  Web-based Disease Information Programs (List of websites)
Appendix B:  Commercial Web-based On-line Weight Loss Plans  (Majors)
Appendix C: Web-based programs  (Complete online courses)
Appendix D:  Selected Smart Phone Applications  (Names and descriptions)

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